Recruiting Volunteers: The relationship between physical fitness and language processing abilities

Although there is evidence supporting the beneficial effects of physical fitness on processing in some cognitive domains like memory and learning, we do not know much about the effects of physical fitness on our abilities to use language and communicate with others.

Bike 4We are looking for volunteers to take part in a new exciting research study aimed at characterizing this relationship. You will be asked to come to our research facilities at the University of Birmingham on three occasions. During these visits, we will ask you to do some tests of language processing, measure your hand grip strength and do an exercise fitness test.

Are you a native English speaker, non-smoking, with no heart condition and between 65 and 80 years of age? And would you like to help us by participating in our research?

Then please contact Dr. Katrien Segaert via email or contact our participant recruitment coordinator Denise Clissett via email to or by telephoning (0121) 414 1932 (making an inquiry does not commit you to taking part!)

Read the fulll Participant Information Sheet