Recruiting Volunteers: Effects of handgrip exercise training on blood pressure and vascular responses in Asians and Caucasians?

Are you an active, non-smoking male aged between 55 and 70 years of age? Would you like to train your arms for a period of 4 weeks?

As part of a larger scientific research project which is looking at why Asians are more prone to cardiovascular disease, we are looking for volunteers to take part in handgrip exercise training. Involvement will require:

  • 2 visits (1.30h each) to test your vascular responses before and after handgrip exercise training.
  • 2 visits (1.30h each) to measure your blood pressure before and after handgrip exercise training.
  • an exercise program at home for 4 weeks
  • Donation of a small blood sample (up to 12 ml.)

If you’d like to find out further information please contact Kyriakos Tsitoglou by emailing