Delirium Study

We are putting together a large grant bid to the Medical Research Council aiming to develop new ways to detect, prevent and treat delirium.  Those of you who attended Agewell this year may remember that delirium affects up to 1 in 5 people in hospital, but is more common in older people and in people with dementia. Currently we have no effective treatments, so high quality research is needed to improve management of such an important condition.

We are keen to involve lay people in the bid and are hoping two people would be willing to be named partners on the bid and represent the 1000 Elders.  We are especially keen to have someone who has personal experience of delirium, perhaps a close relative or partner who had delirium in the past, but its not absolutely necessary. The project would last 4 years (start in April 2018). This would involve attending a yearly board meeting to help with strategy and also how we can best communicate findings to people.  We would also invite you to attend up to 2 public engagement events to join us in delivering the ‘message’ and a meeting in the Spring to help us develop the full application. All expenses would be paid, so it would be no cost to you apart from time and enthusiasm.

For the outline bid stage we would just need your name and contact details (Address, email etc) and if successful a full bid would go in in June 2017. This is horribly short notice but we need our 2 volunteers names etc by 30th November, so if you would like to help please email Professor Janet M Lord, FMedSci, Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, as soon as possible.