Which one is better? Tai Chi, Zumba Gold or social meeting? The effect of Tai Chi, and Zumba Gold and social meeting group on oxidative stress and inflammation in an aging population

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As aged increased, it is associated with the increasing in inflammation and oxidative stress which can lead to vascular dysfunction. However, this effect can be reduced or overcome by doing exercise. The question is, which exercise is suitable for an aging population?

In this study, we will be looking at the effect of 2 exercise, moderate/high intensity (Zumba Gold) and low/moderate intensity (Tai Chi) and social meeting group on vascular health, physical fitness, and quality of life. Throughout this project, participants will get free exercise training from certified instructors, and individual result of health parameters.

We would like to recruit participants, aged 65-75 years old, with no history of cardiovascular diseases, not smoking, independent living and less active to become involved in our three months exercise training.

If you are interested, please contact Nor via email NXK478@student.bham.ac.uk or 07553645019

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