REtirement in ACTion (The REACT Study)

Can we help older people maintain their mobility and live independently for longer?

As people get older, losing the ability to do everyday activities makes it more difficult to live independently and can seriously affect people’s quality of life. However there is a lot of research to show that it is possible to stop this decline in function, even reverse it, by keeping people active. The REACT programme is designed to support people to gently become more active in a supportive and sociable setting.

The study is for people who are aged 65 or above who are starting to find things like walking, climbing stairs and getting up from a chair more difficult.

If that doesn’t sound like you, perhaps you have a friend or family member that you think would benefit from taking part?

Please note we are currently recruiting from Oldbury and the surrounding areas only, we hope to expand into other areas throughout 2017 and we will keep you updated on which areas we are recruiting from at any given time via this webpage or the Birmingham 1000 Elders Newsletter.

If you take part in the research, you will be asked to do one of two things.

  • Either you will be asked to attend physical activity and social sessions, with a small group of other older people, at a local community centre
  • Or will be given an information pack including advice on keeping healthy as you get older, details of appropriate local activities and you will be invited to three social and health education sessions.

Whichever of these two groups you are in, a researcher will also ask you to

  1. a) provide some information about yourself (the researcher will go through a questionnaire with you)
  2. b) take part in some simple physical function tests (a 4 metre walk, going from sitting in a chair to standing, and a balance test) and
  3. c) ask you to wear an activity monitor around your wrist for a week.

More information can be found on the Participant Information Sheet.

If you have any questions or would like to take part in the study please call Sarah Moorlock (née Coleman) on 0121 414 8725 or email who will be happy to talk to you about REACT.