The Birmingham Intergenerational Integration Project (BIIP)

The Birmingham Intergenerational Integration Project (BIIP) is based out of the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LANS) course at the University of Birmingham. Our project aims to address a lack of integration between generations in Birmingham by raising awareness across all age groups. We plan to do this by exploring generational differences (through an interview process), as well as the current levels of communication and integration between different generations and the ways in which social inclusion and integration can be encouraged.

Our data findings & interviews will be compiled into a 15 minute documentary film. We are looking for volunteers (aged 65+) to answer a series of questions for a documentary film on the lack of intergenerational integration between the young and over 65’s.

If you are interested in being interviewed in person, please contact us at and we can schedule an appointment (the questions would be along the lines of those included in the online survey).

If you would like to contribute anonymously to our online survey, you can follow the link below.

All contributions are much appreciated! We would like to give a face and voice to this issue and hear your thoughts on the past, present and future of intergenerational integration!

For more information, please contact us at:

Birmingham Intergenerational Integration Project (BIIP)
From Research to Policy II
Liberal Arts and Sciences (LANS)
University of Birmingham
+ 44 7376 298348