Nitrite plays an important role on platelet function in healthy donors

Nitrite is a chemical that is found in the circulatory system and is also present in green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach and beetroot) and cured meat. We and others have previously reported that administration of nitrite and/or drinking beetroot juice (which has high levels of nitrite) in healthy volunteers improves blood vessel function. Moreover, we have very recently reported that nitrite improves heart function in patients with heart failure.

Since blood clots play an important role in cardiovascular disease (e.g. heart attacks and heart failure) and that platelet function is down-regulated during these pathophysiological conditions, this present study will investigate the effects and mechanism of nitrite on platelet function.

We would like to recruit healthy donors (non-smokers) aged between 65-80 years of age to assess the effects of nitrite on platelet function.

If you would like take part in this research, you will be asked to:

  1. Not to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) for 10 days before donating blood

More information can be found on the Participant Information Sheet

If you have any questions or would like to take part in the study then please call Melanie Madhani on 0121 414 6897 or email


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