Investigating links between sedentary behaviour, physical activity and spinal function

We are recruiting volunteers for a novel study looking at how sedentary behaviour and physical activity is linked to the function of the spine. We will be looking at your muscle stiffness, spinal joint mobility and your overall function through a serious of tasks. We will also monitor your general activity and movement behaviour during a week. The study is non-invasive and we will do all of the testing in one initial visit.

Who are we recruiting?

  • Anyone aged 60 years and over.
  • Living in the Birmingham area.
  • Able to come to the University of Birmingham.

You will be reimbursed for your travel, and invited to a second feedback session with refreshments!

If you would be interested in taking part in this study then please get in contact with Molly Browne by email: or phone 07537886039

Read Participant Information Sheet


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