Volunteers needed for a study of the effects of sitting time

Researchers in the School of Sport,  Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences would like to know how older people’s bodies and minds respond to physical inactivity.

You will be asked to visit our research facility in the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital on four occasions. The first visit will be a familiarisation visit lasting an hour, the remaining 3 visits will last six hours each. During these longer visits, you will be asked to sit for different periods of time. Before and after the sitting we will ask you to do some simple tests of muscle function and tests of thinking and memory.

If you are aged 70 years or over and think you might be interested, please contact Dr Carolyn Greig directly by telephoning 0121 414 8743 or, Dr Sandra Agyapong-Badu via e-mail to s.agyapong-badu@bham.ac.uk for more information (making an enquiry does not commit you to taking part!). Travel expenses will be refunded.

Read the Participant Information Sheet