Can you help us to explore how ageing changes our brains?

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We are looking for healthy adults to help our scientific research. Participants will visit the University of Birmingham for up to three sessions: one interview session and two separate 1-hour MRI scans. We will pay you £7 per hour, or £20 for MRI sessions. Both newcomers and experienced participants are welcome.

If you meet the following criteria, you may be able to help us:

  • Aged between 65 and 80 years old
  • Right handed
  • No hearing impairment

This means you do not wear a hearing aid and have not previously been diagnosed with any hearing problems

  • No uncorrected problems with vision

This means you can see well enough to read and perform everyday tasks (it is not a problem if you need glasses for this)

  • No severe mobility or motor problems
  • No history of stroke

Or other conditions which can affect brain function

  • Comfortable to undergo MRI scans

This research relies on MRI scanning, which can be noisy and claustrophobic

Please discuss any concerns with the researcher; we can, for example, arrange for you to visit the scanning centre before you decide whether to take part

  • No metal implants

As MRI scanners are magnetic, they can be dangerous for people with metal in their bodies; this includes pacemakers, orthopaedic rods, and stents

Please contact Sam Jones for more information and to book testing slots that suit you:

Tel: 0121 414 5637 or 07965 283156

Read the Participant Information Sheet