Physical activity for knee and hip osteoarthritis

We are conducting a study looking into daily physical activities as a means of management of knee or hip osteoarthritis, i.e. their relationship to pain, mobility, general health and well-being. We also wish to understand what helps people be more active and sit less, as well as what might be personal barriers to engaging in physical activity and facilitators of time spent sedentary.

Your participation would involve wearing a small plastic activity monitoring device on your waist for a week and one visit to University of Birmingham- to fill in a few questionnaires and have your blood pressure, walking speed, % of fat and muscle in your body measured (all simple, non-invasive procedures). We offer tea and £10 reimbursement.

If you have a diagnosis of knee or hip osteoarthritis, are not considering or scheduled for a joint replacement at the present time and would like to find out more, please contact Archontissa Kanavaki, Doctoral Researcher at 07542233150,

Read the Participant Information Sheet