Agewell 2017

Agewell is our chance to say a big thank-you to all the members of the Birmingham 1000 Elders group for all the support given to all our research projects over the last year. It is also our way of feeding back to you our research results and to offer you the chance to take part in interactive sessions focusing on healthy ageing.

This year we have an exciting new venue and a different format which we hope you will enjoy.

This year Agewell will take place on Monday 11th of September and it will be held at Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Birmingham City Centre.

As with previous years, we will have a series of informative talks, however this year as a slight break from tradition these will mostly be delivered by our soon to graduate PhD students, many of who you may know and recognise as you might have been involved in their laboratory testing and data collection exercises. This is your chance to find out how your time and effort contributed not only to our student’s education but directly to their (and our) scientific understanding.

Programme (subject to small adjustments)

13:30  Arrival, Registration, Meet the Researcher

14:00  Welcome – Professor Janet Lord, Director of the MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, University of Birmingham

14:15  Grey matter volume and the brains response to exercise: Impacts of age and cardiorespiratory fitness – Andrew Hale, PhD Student, University of Nottingham

14:30  Targeting NAD+ in ageing and age-related disease – Dr Yasir Elhassan, Clinical Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

14:45  Move it or Lose it! – Julie Robinson, CEO – Move it or Lose it Ltd

15:00  Refreshment break and Meet the Researcher

15:30  How to protect muscle mass in older age: new evidence and novel insights from UoB – Dr Benoit Smeuninx, Researcher, University of Birmingham

15:45  Too much sitting: contributing factors and resulting harm to health – Ciara O’Brien, PhD Student, University of Birmingham

16:00  Obesity, Ageing and Skeletal Muscle: ‘Resistin-ance is Futile’ – Mary O’Leary, PhD Student, University of Birmingham

16:15 TBC – Dr Daisy Wilson, Clinical PhD Student, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham

16:30  ‘No teaching about me without me’ Teaching our next generation of healthcare professionals at the University of Birmingham – Dr Christine Hirsch, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Education MPharm, School of Pharmacy, Institute of Clinical Science

16:35  Public Engagement in Research – Eric Deeson, Member of the 1000 Elders Group

16:45  The hazards of physical inactivity – Professor Paul Greenhaff, Deputy Director of the MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, University of Nottingham