Interested in finding out more about your current activity levels?

Between February and July 2016, around sixty people took part in this project which aims to investigate the effects of sedentary behaviour (also known as ‘sitting time’) on psychosocial and physical health in adults. Recruitment of volunteers to participate has now been extended until April 2017.

The project involves asking people aged 55 and over to complete questionnaires about a number of factors that might be associated with sitting time. For example, we will ask about perceived psychological well-being, motivation for different sitting behaviours (e.g., watching television), sleep duration and quality, and the home physical environment. Volunteers will also be asked to wear a small device for 7 days, which is designed to measure your sitting and activity patterns. In return for your participation in the project, we will be able to provide you with information regarding your current health (e.g. body fat, muscle mass, metabolic rate) and activity levels (e.g., whether or not you meeting physical activity recommendations, and how much time you spend sitting each day).

As this is the second notice for volunteers to participate in this project. If you took part between February and July 2016, unfortunately you will not be eligible to take part again. If have not yet participated, and you are interested in finding out more, please contact Ciara O’Brien via email ( or telephone (07745 022529).

Read the Participant Information Sheet